Dev-Lok Himachal

Restaurant & Chulli Bar

Welcome to the Food Zone at Kachnar!
We have two distinct sections for you to enjoy.

During the day, the restaurant is filled with natural daylight, thanks to its windows all around. The Deodar Wood ceilings add a touch of elegance to the ambiance. Chefs special Himachali Menu features delicious and authentic traditional Himachali dishes, as well as popular comfort foods like Daal Makhani, Chinese, and continental fare. Please note that menu items may change based on seasonal availability without prior notice.

The Taste of Himachal

The hall of Kachnar is adorned with fine silks and intricate traditional woodwork. The walls showcase the mesmerizing traditions of the region, including the amazing Miniature style of painting and charming reproductions of the renowned artist Roerich, who has captured the beauty of the mountains through his artwork.

Dining Outdoors

For those who prefer dining outdoors, we have an extended outdoor segment where you can soak in the sun and enjoy the breathtaking mountain vistas. In winter, we offer specially designed “Fire tables” where you can sit and warm yourself while enjoying your meal.

We hope you have a delightful dining experience at Kachnar!

Chulli Bar

Named after Kinnaur’s healing wild apricot drink you can unwind at the Chulli Bar with creative cocktails and mocktails. Our bartender crafts unique concoctions with a local twist to transport you on an insider’s tour of the Himalayan regions. Sip away your fatigue after adventure sports or warm yourself against winter’s chill. Feel as light as the spring air with drinks like our signature “Kinnauri Ghanti” cocktail. At Chulli Bar, lift your spirits and soak in the holiday mood.

Alankar's Himachali street food

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