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Show 1: 'Spirit of Himachal': INR 275 +GST (as applicable) Number of people
Show 2: 'Fly over Himachal': INR 275 +GST (as applicable) Number of people
Combo 1: Show 1 (Spirit of Himachal) & Show 2 (Fly over Himachal): INR 500 +GST (as applicable)Number of people
Combo 2: Show 1 (Spirit of Himachal) & Veg & Non-veg Dham: Number of people
Combo 3: Show 2 (Fly over Himachal) & Veg & Non-veg Dham: Number of people
Combo 4: Show 1 & Show 2 & Veg & Non-veg Dham: Number of people
Food: Veg Thali (Unlimited): INR 300 +GST (as applicable)Number of people
Food: Non-veg Thali (Unlimited): INR 350 +GST (as applicable)Number of people

For us Himachalis, food is an emotion and the dham is the best of that 
– Sherry Mehta, Chef

*Dham made traditionally by botis (or cooks) that began as “sacred food”, today has gone from being temple fare to finding its way into banquets and other celebratory tables.

Dham: Experience the rich and authentic flavors of Himachal with “Dham” – a special meal that will transport your taste buds to the heart of this beautiful region. Prepared with love and centuries-old recipes, this traditional feast thali captures the essence of Himachali cuisine. From the aromatic spices to
the perfectly cooked grains, every bite is a celebration of the vibrant culture and heritage. Savor the magic of Himachal with every mouthful.

Dham is a complete food not only according to Ayurveda but also nutritionally. The ethnic foods, include Rajmah ( Red kidney bean ) Madra,( a curd and legume based curry) Kadi ( chickpea flour and yogurt ) , Khatta,( gravy-based dish that is prepared with kala chana,) Sepu badi,(  split urad dal dumplings in a spinach gravy.) and Gulgule – (wheat nuggest & Shredded coconut) etc. It is a treasure of food heritage and are an integral component of the diet of the people in the state, evolved over time keeping in mind not only the geographical and climatic conditions of the state but also according to the traditional methods under natural conditions mostly from the staple ingredients.

Depending on season the items may vary

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