Dev-Lok Himachal

The Handicrafts Market

Transport yourself to the majestic hills of Himachal with ALANKAR – THE HANDICRAFTS MARKET, your one-stop shop for the region’s finest handmade treasures. Our master craftsmen have poured their heart and soul into creating exquisite handicrafts to delight your senses.

Finest Handmade

Treat yourself to the vibrant patterns and hues and luxurious feel of traditional Kinnauri and Kullu shawls, lovingly woven to warm you on nippy mountain nights. Top it off with one of our stylish caps to complete the look. Share the rich flavors of the hills with our farm-fresh jams, juices, and exotic fruit wines – delectable tastes you’ll savor long after your trip. 

Bring home lasting memories with our handicrafts, from decorative pieces with intricate wood carvings to colorful textiles and pottery made using age-old techniques. These handmade handicrafts reflect Himachal’s captivating culture and natural beauty.

Enjoy watching demos from our master artisans as they handcraft exquisite handicrafts using traditional methods passed down through generations. And learn the elements of the crafts in our workshops if you have the time. Take home a pottery piece you have made with your own hands or a chiseled wooden you have hand crafted yourself under the able guidance of our craftsman… You can also weave yourself a scarf or a shawl if you want.

ALANKAR is your trusted source for the finest handicrafts to commemorate your travels through this enchanting land. Our pieces make for thoughtful gifts and timeless mementos.